How to use Whatsapp Voice to text feature

Have you ever tried using whatsapp voice to text feature? Although it has its own limitation but some times the feature seems quite usefull. I personally use this feature and encounter spelling mistakes. However, no system is fault proof. The feature is in its early days and continously evolving.

Although Whatapp has another feature where we can send voice messages. However, if you want to check historical voice message than its difficult to find the message containing the exact information you might be looking for. You require listining several voice messages befor you actually get what you were looking for.

To use the Whatsaap Voice to text feature, You need to open a chat box (one who you want to chat with). Next Click on the blank text bar (as if you want to type a message). Now you need to click on little microphone icon right to text bar. Please refer the image below to get an idea. Once Microphone icon is clicked, Whatsaap will continue to listen. You can always verify your words before clicking on send icon.

A simle but usefull feature that we igonre fequently. Feel free to share your thoughts regarding Whatsapp Voice to text feature.

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