How to access Jiofiber router

Since the launch of Jio giga fiber in India there is a massive demand of Jio fiber connection. The plans are comparatively cheaper and services are quite good. I am personally using Jio gigafiber plan from last 2 months and have never faced service distruption.

Jio giga fiber installation comes with their own router. Router is sleek in design and has a port for connecting a landline telephone as well apart from other lan connectors. It also has a built in Optical Network Terminator. Hence you do not require a seperate ONT box.

To access the router, you need to make sure you are connected to the same wifi. In your browser like chrome, type followin IP to access the router login page:

jio giga fiber router login page

Once you are in login page, use default username as admin and password as Jiocentrum

Jio login screen

Thats it !! Once you are logged in, you have full control of the device. Try it and let me know your experience.

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