How to share screen without installing any software

If we want to share our screen for work or school related presentation, we require a specialized software to share the screen. Most of the organizations and school already have licenced tool available for this purpose. Most of the screen sharing tools requires an advance preparation before you can start. For example, the software must be downloaded, installed, configured and registered before you can actually start using the same. In some organizations, access to these tools are restricted to higher management only. Forget about organization, in our day to day life we often require sharing screen with a friend or group of people when we look for a quick solution rather than going for a licenced tool.

We will look at some of the fastest screen sharing website/tools that can be setup and be ready to use in couple of clicks. Lets have a look.

  1. Dead Simple Screen Sharing – I have kept Dead Simple Screen Sharing on top of our list because it is one of the simplest way to share the screen. One can access their website by following url Dead Simple Screen sharing supports audio/video right from your browser.

How to share screen using Dead Simple Screen Sharing

Step 1: Click the ‘Share your Screen Now’ button to create the screen sharing session and click on the “Allow Microphone”

Step 2: Install the chrome extension by clicking the install extension button. Extension is only required on Google Chrome, in Firefox you can do screen sharing without the extension

Step 3: A popup will appear that will ask you to select the screen you want to share. You can share your entire screen or an application window.

Step 4: Your screen is now being shared, you can invite participants by sharing the ‘Invite URL’ or using email

2. Web Whiteboard – Although, this is not a screen sharing tool however it is considered one of the simplest and easy to use Whiteboard to draw and write together online instantly. There is no installation or tutorial required to get started with Web Whiteboard. Passwords and accounts are entirely optional. Just create an online whiteboard with one click, and share it live by sending the link to people.

How to use Web Whiteboard

Step 1: Access Web Whiteboard by opening following URL in to your browser:

Step 2: You will get option to either Signup, login or Create free whiteboard. Select as per your requirement.

Step 3: If you opt to signup, the cost is $8 per month. However if you go for a free Whiteboard, it will last for 21 days.

Step 4: Once your free whiteboard is ready, you can share the URL at the top of your browser to other people you want to join you. The URL will look somewhat like

Step 5: The whiteboard can be accessed from any browser in PC, Laptop, Tablets or Mobile phones.

3. HelloAiko Meet – This is again a simple and free tool preferred for video conferencing. The tool is free forever and do not require you to provide any credit card details. ‘Aiko Meet’ adds the power of cutting-edge Artificial Intelligent to a convenient, browser based video conferencing solution. Aiko Meet works entirely in your browser, without any extensions or installations. Aiko Meet uses TLS, the current standard in secure communications, to ensure that your conversations remain totally private

How to use Hello Aiko Meet

Step 1: Access ‘Hello Aiko Meet’ by typing following URL into your browser:

Step 2: On the page that opens, click on ‘Get Started’

Step 3: If you are a new user, you need to create a one time login account by clicking on “Signup” button and providing a user name and password. If you are an existing user, you use to “Signin” at the top right of the page.

When you signup for the first time, a room is also created for you that can be used for video conferencing services.

Step 4: Once you are login and ready, on the left hand side menu, you get options like ‘Add a Team Member’, ‘Integration with your domain’, ‘Settings’ etc.

Step 5: On the top left, there is an option to go to room. Once you click on this button, you can enter the Video Conferencing Room dedicated for you. Once inside your room, you will also get a link to your room that you can share with your participants. When a participant joins in, You receive a notification to accept or reject the request.

Step 6: on the bottom of your meeting room, you see several controls like mute/un-mute microphone, stop/start your video, share your screen, chat window etc.

Finally, hope these three free tools will definitely going to help you in your day to day work. Feel free to share your experience about the same and comment on the post.

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