Stock Market – Learn Technichal Analysis

Hi, I’m Lokesh, and if you haven’t noticed already, I am trying to build this page as a free knowledge-sharing platform for anyone who wants to enter the fascinating world of the stock market. By now, you must be thinking what’s new about this! There are already a thousand pages out there online that are doing the same. You are right about this though as that is a hard reality. So the way I am trying to make this different is by following some simple rules:

1. Keeping the information short, crispy, and easy to understand English. Saving everyone’s time.

2. Trying to make sure all concepts are backed by plenty of real-world examples.

3. Two-way interaction where readers can suggest edits.

4. For any topic that we discuss here, we will simply not go ahead and digest it. Rather we will backtest it multiple time until we are convinced ourself.

Having said all this, it requires a lot of hard work in collating this information and present it in an easy-to-understand format. I will be working gradually on this and will be open to feedback and suggestions. Each topic is supported by video tutorial for better understanding. It is highly recommended to readers to please follow the video links to ensure there remains no gaps in understanding.

So let’s begin….

Before you can jump into the market with your hard-earned money, You require to have a solid understanding of the stock in your mind. The most popular way to get information about your choice of stock is either by doing a fundamental analysis or a Technical analysis. In the subsequent sections, we will talk about how, to begin with, Technical Analysis is the most popular and widely used methodology across the Globe. When you enter the market, you would like to understand and do what most of the people in markets are doing. For example, if most of the people are buying a stock, then You will obviously want to buy that stock as well. In a similar manner, we will use technical analysis as this is the most widely used technique.


Chats Type

Candlestick Charts – Details

Technical Analysis using Candlesticks

Technical Analysis using Charts – Swing Trading

Strategies & Backtesting

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