How to share screen without installing any software

If we want to share our screen for work or school related presentation, we require a specialized software to share the screen. Most of the organizations and school already have licenced tool available for this purpose. Most of the screen sharing tools requires an advance preparation before you can start. For example, the software must be downloaded, installed, configured and registered before you can actually start using the same. In some organizations, access to these tools are restricted to higher management only. Forget about organization, in our day to day life we often require sharing screen with a friend or group of people when we look for a quick solution rather than going for a licenced tool.

We will look at some of the fastest screen sharing website/tools that can be setup and be ready to use in couple of clicks. Lets have a look.

  1. Dead Simple Screen Sharing – I have kept Dead Simple Screen Sharing on top of our list because it is one of the simplest way to share the screen. One can access their website by following url Dead Simple Screen sharing supports audio/video right from your browser.

How to share screen using Dead Simple Screen Sharing

Step 1: Click the ‘Share your Screen Now’ button to create the screen sharing session and click on the “Allow Microphone”

Step 2: Install the chrome extension by clicking the install extension button. Extension is only required on Google Chrome, in Firefox you can do screen sharing without the extension

Step 3: A popup will appear that will ask you to select the screen you want to share. You can share your entire screen or an application window.

Step 4: Your screen is now being shared, you can invite participants by sharing the ‘Invite URL’ or using email

2. Web Whiteboard – Although, this is not a screen sharing tool however it is considered one of the simplest and easy to use Whiteboard to draw and write together online instantly. There is no installation or tutorial required to get started with Web Whiteboard. Passwords and accounts are entirely optional. Just create an online whiteboard with one click, and share it live by sending the link to people.

How to use Web Whiteboard

Step 1: Access Web Whiteboard by opening following URL in to your browser:

Step 2: You will get option to either Signup, login or Create free whiteboard. Select as per your requirement.

Step 3: If you opt to signup, the cost is $8 per month. However if you go for a free Whiteboard, it will last for 21 days.

Step 4: Once your free whiteboard is ready, you can share the URL at the top of your browser to other people you want to join you. The URL will look somewhat like

Step 5: The whiteboard can be accessed from any browser in PC, Laptop, Tablets or Mobile phones.

3. HelloAiko Meet – This is again a simple and free tool preferred for video conferencing. The tool is free forever and do not require you to provide any credit card details. ‘Aiko Meet’ adds the power of cutting-edge Artificial Intelligent to a convenient, browser based video conferencing solution. Aiko Meet works entirely in your browser, without any extensions or installations. Aiko Meet uses TLS, the current standard in secure communications, to ensure that your conversations remain totally private

How to use Hello Aiko Meet

Step 1: Access ‘Hello Aiko Meet’ by typing following URL into your browser:

Step 2: On the page that opens, click on ‘Get Started’

Step 3: If you are a new user, you need to create a one time login account by clicking on “Signup” button and providing a user name and password. If you are an existing user, you use to “Signin” at the top right of the page.

When you signup for the first time, a room is also created for you that can be used for video conferencing services.

Step 4: Once you are login and ready, on the left hand side menu, you get options like ‘Add a Team Member’, ‘Integration with your domain’, ‘Settings’ etc.

Step 5: On the top left, there is an option to go to room. Once you click on this button, you can enter the Video Conferencing Room dedicated for you. Once inside your room, you will also get a link to your room that you can share with your participants. When a participant joins in, You receive a notification to accept or reject the request.

Step 6: on the bottom of your meeting room, you see several controls like mute/un-mute microphone, stop/start your video, share your screen, chat window etc.

Finally, hope these three free tools will definitely going to help you in your day to day work. Feel free to share your experience about the same and comment on the post.

Simplest way to understand excel vlookup function

Excel vlookup is most talked about inbuilt function available with MS excel or Libre office. This is one of the function that is definitively required if you are a working professional and have to work on some sort of spreadsheet containing data. However, there are many of us who do not have a clear understanding of the function and hence are not able to utilize this function. Often, we shy away because we do not have an understanding of this powerful function and we prefer to work manually spending hours.

In this post, we will try to understand vlookup function the easiest way. Once you have gone through this article and develop the understanding of how vlookup function is designed and how to use it, do not forget to practices it multiple time to make things clarified further.

Vlookup explained – vlookup simply means vertical lookup. That literally means that the function will lookup for a particular value vertically.

Let us understand this with an example. In the figure below, Social security Number is arranged vertically in a column. What if you need to find a social security number as 917823098 in this list? You will start from the first cell (A2) and will move vertically downwards until you match (Cell A5). Please note how you started from beginning of the data and moved vertically downwards each cell to match your SSN (917823098) in cell A5.

Wow!! That’s seems quite simple. Right?

Yes. Now that we have basic understanding of how vlookup function searches the data vertically for a match, lets take a look at the formula and its output. We will take the same example and will try to figure out if SSN 91783098 can be found using a formula? Remember, we matched the SSN manually; hence we know that SSN 91783098 exists in our list of SSN.

Here is the formula for vlookup to be used in your excel spreadsheet.

=Vlookup(‘lookup value’,’table array’,’column index number’, ‘range lookup’)

Confusing?? Let’s understand each component separately.

Lookup Value = The Value that we want to find in the list. In our case, we are looking to find SSN 91783098

Table Array = This is simply our list of SSN where we are trying to find our data (SSN:91783098)

Column Index Number = Ignore this for now. We will learn about this is a short while.

Range Lookup = Match Type. (Exact Match = FALSE or 0 or approximate match = TRUE or 1)

Hence, now we can write above formula as per our requirement and it becomes:


Look at vlookup fig below:

If no match is found that formula will return a value as #N/A

Excellent!! Whatever we did in above example was the simplest example of vlookup where we tried to find a single data in a column containing multiple data. Now we will focus to figure out how to find multiple matching data in a bunch of data. Let us consider the same example as above, however this time we have another set of data in column D. Have a look at the figure below.

As we see in this figure, we have added another group of data (Group B). Now we will try to look each data in Group A and will match with every data of Group B. We will do it as an exact match and any data in Group A not found in Group B will give output as #N/A. Let us start writing our vlookup formula in column B. Refer to figure below for clarification.

Great! We see that first SSN in Group A is not present in Group B. Let us drag our formula in B2 further down in column B until B9 to see what the results are for other SSN. Please refer figure below.

Clearly, we see that we have 3 match from Group A to Group B. We can also apply vlookup from Group B to Group A in similar manner. Have a look on figure 6 to see how vlookup results appeared when we try to match from Group B to Group A.

We apply the formula into cell E2 and will drag the formula from E2 until E9. Please do not forget to make sure you freeze the values in B2:B9 before dragging the formula by putting $ sign before the cell numbers ($B$2:$B$9). See how the vlookup gives the result for this match.

Now that we understand basics of vlookup function and how vlookup can be applied between two columns to find exact match or approximate match, we will go a little further and include more data in Group B. Our objective here is to “understand Column Index Number” that we skipped previously. In Group B, along with social Security Number, we will add First name, Last Name and Monthly Income. Group B now looks like this.

Use of Column Index Number: Column index number is used point to another column corresponding to a matching column. For example, in Group B corresponding columns for first SSN (320982233) are First Name, Last name and Monthly Income with values as John, Carter, $3500 respectively. So using column Index Number we can apply a vlookup to match first column i.e. column D containing SSN. If it matches, then we can display value of any corresponding column.

Lets understand this with an example. What we want to do is write a vlookup formula in column B to find the last name for each SSN present in Group A. We will pick each SSN from Group A, match it with SSN in Group B and the will get result as Last name if there is a match.

Here is the formula to achieve the goal: =vlookup(A2,$D$2:$F$9,3,0)

Now understand details of formula:

Formula Name = Vlookup

A2 = The value we want to look for in Group B (Lookup Value)

$D$2:$F$9 = Table array (Selecting all data where we are applying our formula. Look closely to see that this time we are including more data in table array then previous example. This is being done because we want Last name as formula result and not just a simple match)

3 = Column Index Number (We are using 3 in our formula because we see that Last name is in the 3rd column of our Table Array)

0 = For exact Match

As usual, if we do not have any match, we will get #N/A as our result. If we have a Match, we will get Last Name in Column B.

We can have different column index applied on matching SSN’s and we will get the desired results. For example, below formula will print Monthly Income in column C.


See how we are changing the Table Array selection and column Index Number to get the result.

This is all about vlookup. The formula is very simple to use and reduces a lots of effort when picked wisely. Often ignored due to not having an understanding. Please let me know if you have any related question.

How to access Jiofiber router

Since the launch of Jio giga fiber in India there is a massive demand of Jio fiber connection. The plans are comparatively cheaper and services are quite good. I am personally using Jio gigafiber plan from last 2 months and have never faced service distruption.

Jio giga fiber installation comes with their own router. Router is sleek in design and has a port for connecting a landline telephone as well apart from other lan connectors. It also has a built in Optical Network Terminator. Hence you do not require a seperate ONT box.

To access the router, you need to make sure you are connected to the same wifi. In your browser like chrome, type followin IP to access the router login page:

jio giga fiber router login page

Once you are in login page, use default username as admin and password as Jiocentrum

Jio login screen

Thats it !! Once you are logged in, you have full control of the device. Try it and let me know your experience.

How to use Whatsapp Voice to text feature

Have you ever tried using whatsapp voice to text feature? Although it has its own limitation but some times the feature seems quite usefull. I personally use this feature and encounter spelling mistakes. However, no system is fault proof. The feature is in its early days and continously evolving.

Although Whatapp has another feature where we can send voice messages. However, if you want to check historical voice message than its difficult to find the message containing the exact information you might be looking for. You require listining several voice messages befor you actually get what you were looking for.

To use the Whatsaap Voice to text feature, You need to open a chat box (one who you want to chat with). Next Click on the blank text bar (as if you want to type a message). Now you need to click on little microphone icon right to text bar. Please refer the image below to get an idea. Once Microphone icon is clicked, Whatsaap will continue to listen. You can always verify your words before clicking on send icon.

A simle but usefull feature that we igonre fequently. Feel free to share your thoughts regarding Whatsapp Voice to text feature.

How to open accidentally closed tab in Browser

Have you ever faced a situation where you are working through some important web page and accidentally closed the page? Now you are left with no option as you do not remember the web page address. Thankfully we have a simple solution to restore your closed tab in most of the browsers.

To recover the closed tab in Internet Explorer or Chrome, simply right click on an open tab and find for the drop down menu called “Reopen Closed Tab“. Refer the screenshot provided. This will bring back any tab that was open previously in your browser.

Alternatively, you may like to use the short cut key “Ctrl+Shift+T”. Use this option repeatedly to recover multiple closed tabs. This is also applicable to Safari browser for Mac.

Please let me know if this simple option provided by most of the browser seems helpful to you.

Finding Duplicate Data In Excel Spreadsheet – Without Deleting

If you use MS excel, you must be aware that its easier to figure out duplicate data in a column and delete it. To do this, you just need to select Data-> Remove Duplicates. However, what if You want to have a look before data is deleted? What if You just want to find duplicate and do not wish to remove or delete the data? In this post, we will figure out a simpler and easier way to accomplish this task.

The figure in the left has city names. As we can see some of the names are duplicate. We want to see what all city names are duplicate. Additionally, we also want to check count of duplicate appearance in the column.

In the cell B2, we will write the formula =COUNTIF(A2:A10,A2). A2:A10 is the range that we are giving followed by criteria as A2. The formula will look into the range provided to count number of times data is repeated in the column. Clearly, we can see that we have Tokyo and New York repeated 2 times and hence count of duplicate in column B5 and B7 are 2.

How to watch Online TV for Free

In the recent past, we have seen a lot of developments in the online TV industry. Because of the high speed and affordable internet services, the online TV industry seems to have a bright future ahead. Online TV somewhat narrows the gap of geographic location. There are many Online TV applications/Websites available today to pick from. However, if you are looking for some decent application/Websites to watch Online Indian TV channels then you must read the below post below.


ThopTV is a simple to use android application supported on any android device running version 4.2 and higher. The look and feel is simple. There is no registration required to use the service and it is free service as of today. Just install and start using the application.
Download here:


Oreotv app is another nice application that can be used on android device 5.0 and above. It works with almost all android device including firetv. The look and feel is simple and you have options to streme channels at different bandwidth.

Download the oreotv app here:

3 – YuppTV

YuppTV is one of the world’s largest internet-based TV and On-demand service provider for South Asian content, offering more than 250+ TV channels, 5000+ Movies and 100+ TV Shows in 14 languages. YuppTV has 25000 hours of entertainment content cataloged in its library, while nearly 2500 hours of new on-demand content is added to the YuppTV platform every day. Making the best use of technology growth and advancement, YuppTV enables its consumers to experience the convenience of virtual home entertainment anytime, anywhere, through multiple screens – Connected TVs, Internet STBs, Smart Blu-ray Player, PCs, Smart Phones and Tablets.

YuppTV offers Live TV and Catch-Up TV technology. It also offers YuppFlix, a movie on demand streaming service for Expat Market and recently launched YuppTV Originals to bring forth unconventional story telling in collaboration with the top talent from the movie industry. More info about YuppTV can be obtained from

Some of the popular channels on this platform includes: ABP News, AAj Tak, NDTV India, B4U Movies, B4U Music, Star Plus, Gemini TV, Maa TV, Star Vijay, Sun TV, Asia Net, Star Jalsha, Sony Max, Zee TV, Colors, &TV and many more.

4 – Airtel Xstream

Another one recommended in the list is Airtel Xstream. Erstwhile known as Airtel Digital TV, Xstream has launched its web version that contains Popular Web Series, Movies, TV Shows, Live TV and many more. For those of you who are not aware, Airtel Xstream already has a popular mobile app that can be downloaded from Playstore or appstore.

Airtel Xstream is free for its mobile customer. To access the web version of Airtel Xstream, you need to go to following link: Once you are on this page, it will ask you for Airtel mobile number. An OTP will be sent to your mobile number for verification. Once verified, you will be able to access entire list of content including Live TV Channels. Some of the popular channels include Sony, Zee, Sports and News. Must give a try and let me know if this works for you.

5 – Redbox TV

Another excellent application streaming live TV content across from across the Globe is Redbox TV. The developer of this application seems working very hard to keep the application up-to-date and keep on adding new channels everyday.

The android app is small in size (5.6 MB) and compatible with android TV or Amazon Firestick. App provide IP TV from 16 Countries including USA, UK, Australia, France, Germany, India, Srilanka, Malaysia and Indonesia to name a few. Redbox TV also provides you option to make a list of favorite channels. The app contains advertisement that can pop up while you switch channel and can be a little annoying some times.

You can download the app from official website or can download it from

I would recommend trying this app and share your experience with all of us. A must have application on your android device.

6 – Mobdro

Mobdro is another application to stream videos and channels that you might already be using. Mobdro is a tool that constantly looks for free video streams available on the web and makes them accessible on your mobile device.

Mobdro is completely free, although there are two modes: the ADS mode and the NO ADS mode. No ads mode is free from annoying advertisements. I personally like look and feel of Mobdro as its simple to use application. Mobdro is compatible with android device like firetv and android Tvs. You can download Mobdro from their official website:

A how to install and trouble shoot guide can be found at . Just Go ahead and give it a try.

7 – ZalTV

Although ZalTv is not an IP TV service provided, still I thought to include this in the list as this is one of my favorite app. ZalTv is an IP TV Media player.

It is simple, fast and can be used across multiple device. To use the ZalTv, one requires to provide m3u url list on ZalTv website. Once the url is provided, a code is generated that can be used across multiple device to stream the content. Thus making life simple. ZalTv is officially available on Playstore to download for free. However there might be region specific condition and hence a possibility that you might not see ZalTv on playstore in some country. If this is the case with you, you can still download ZalTv from apk download websites. One of them is

Once ZalTv apk is downloaded and installed, you can either create your activation code by registering and providing your m3u urls on ZalTv website or alternatively you can do a search in search engine for ZalTv codes to find out a working code for you. One of such websites that publishes free ZalTv codes is here:

Please note: Most of the IPTV contents are protected by copyright laws. Based on your country, please make sure you are not violating the same unintentionally. The post is for educational purpose only and do not encourage violation of any such laws that prohibits from accessing the copyright materials illegally.

Please share your thoughts about the information provided. If you like the content and feel that the information provided is helpful then please like and share the post.

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