How to find IP address of Mac

There are multiple ways to find an IP address on Mac computers running IOS. If your require knowing you IP address, then one of the following methods can help.

Step 1: Using terminal screen. In this process, You need to click command and space button togather to open “spotlight Search” in your Mac machine. Once spotlight Search bar appears, type “terminal” and hit return key. Your terminal window will pop open. In the command line of terminal window, type “ifconfig” and press the return key. You will get several lines of output. Scroll to find something called “en0”. You Mac IP will be listed in this section.

Step 2: Using network window. Open the spotlight Search similar to how we did in step 1. Search for word “wifi” in your spotlight search bar and hit enter. This will open the network detail window. Head to “advanced” button at bottom right corner and click it. In the next step, click on TCP/IP tab at top center. You will see your Mac IP under ipv4 heading here.

If you want to see step by step video about how to do above steps, click below to watch the video.